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What we do

We are a full service technology development company specializing in the design of IoT sensors for Energy and Industrial users.

With only a problem statement, we develop innovative technical solutions to open new markets for your business. Our specialty is in the energy and sensor markets where we develop technical solutions that combine sensor data, connectivity and advanced algorithms to create a new class of products.



PCB design of a credit-card sized embedded Linux computer

PCB design of a credit-card sized embedded Linux computer

PCB Circuit Design and Layout

Electrical Circuitry is the foundation of intelligent products. Our capabilities range from simple 2-layer boards to complex 12+ layer computer devices. We can design the entire electrical design and layout through to production, or work with your engineers at any step of the process.

We are highly experienced with Altium Designer (v14.7, AD15, AD16, AD17, AD18, AD19)

Algorithm Development and Firmware

Firmware is what brings a device to life. We develop firmware and software algorithms to power the technical innovations in our products. Our firmware capabilities and platforms include:

  • Verilog and VHDL on Xilinx (Zynq, Spartan6 and Artix) and Microsemi (SmartFusion and Igloo Nano) platforms

  • C/C++ on MSP430 and STM32 ARM CortexM0-F4 microcontrollers

  • FreeRTOS on ESP32

  • Full Embedded Linux on AM335x, AM437x, Zynq and i.MX platforms


A Circadian Lighting component designed for an indoor environmental product

A Circadian Lighting component designed for an indoor environmental product

Mechanical Product Design

Circuits and Firmware need something to control. The mechanical design is closely linked to the electrical components. We offer mechanical design services to complement the electrical design. Our design capabilities include:

  • Sheet Metal

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • CNC components

We are experienced with the Autodesk Inventor Toolsuite (Inventor 2014-2020), Fusion 360 and Inventor HSM CAM.


Past Projects


Low Cost Solar Energy Meter

This low-cost prepaid energy meter was developed for a client deploying solar micro-grids in Haiti and Africa:
Major capabilities include:

  • Class 0.5, magnetic immune energy metering for accurate energy metering

  • On board 30-day transaction ledger

  • WiFi connectivity to connect with the clients town-wide network for content distribution

  • Remote access to start/stop energy service to a house.

  • Built-in software fusing to minimize downtime and maintenance calls.

AI Energy Usage Analyzer

This IoT energy analyzer is a custom product developed to analyze industrial facility energy consumption. The device measures total energy consumption at the main circuit breaker. Using an AI cloud service, the load of the entire facility is analyzed. The energy signatures of different appliances are extracted from the total load, no additional sensors are required!

  • 3-phase, 480VAC input

  • 1000A per phase, Rogowski Coil measurement

  • Linux-based processor sampling 24-bits, 6-channels, 16KHz

Energy Encoder (ANti-Theft)

This device actively prevents the theft of energy by ‘encoding’ the energy into a non-useful format at the transformer and ‘decoding’ it after it has been metered. The encoded energy is safe, but not useful, preventing thieves from stealing energy from the utility before it is metered. (Patent pending)


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